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Support of main MASM, FASM, TASM compilers out-of-the-box


Support for running both third-party debuggers WinDbg, OllyDbg, TD, x64dbg, and the presence of intuitive built-in debugging for some types of projects (beta)

Syntax highlighting and completion

All keywords of your code assembler have a beautiful color highlighting, and the constructions, which are known by the environment, are included in the completion and have a tooltip with description.

Own project type

Each software project is stored as a stand-alone unit, has a configuration, source codes and links. You can smoothly transfer the project to another computer or share it.

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Refactoring tool

At this time, the development environment includes two tools: "rename" which allows you to quickly change the name of a variable or function in all places and "Extract the procedure" which allows you to extract the selected code with arguments into a separate procedure or file


Along with the simplest metrics based on determining the quantitative characteristics associated with the size of the software and used to predict the labor costs and timing of intermediate development stages, the IDE has the feature of calculating metrics of the complexity of software management flows


The environment includes the snippets panel, which allows you to make frequently used designs in the form of notes with the possibility of dragging them to the code of any of the programs

Error processing

All messages from the compilers and errors are recorded. You get them in a form of a list, with the possibility of navigating to a doubtful line by clicking


Free or inexpensive license

Free Plan Icon


  • Basic functionality
Pro for students Plan Icon

Pro - for students

  • Basic functionality
  • Code completion
  • Built-in debugging (beta)
  • Code metrics
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  • Basic functionality
  • Code completion
  • Built-in debugging (beta)
  • Code metrics



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