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Specifying information on the child, such as the date of birth, will allow the program to automatically adjust the time and game limits. As he\she grows older, the parental control won`t forget to congratulate the user on his\her birthday and adjust his limits.

Time limit

The program will set the daily time limit, allowing to use a computer. Parent can customize the time.

Internet filter

The program will block access to the specified web addresses.

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Games control

The program will limit known games according to chid`s age category. The classification is based on PEGI - the Pan European rating system for computer games.

Blocking applications

The program will not allow to run selected programs and games. Add unwanted processes to the banned list so that the child can`t use them.

No spying

Unlike the majority of “parental controls” on the market, this solution doesn`t collect child`s personal information, doesn`t track or store his\her actions. Security is achieved by imposing basic restrictions, instead of total control. The child reserves the right to privacy, personal and family secrets, and the freedom to receive information.




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